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As a boylover, you have a burden to carry and a secret to keep. In an ideal world, it wouldn't need be kept secret and you would be able to tell people you're interested in boys without the fear of being assaulted or harassed wherever you go. You might consider yourself alone in this endeavour, but oftentimes you are not as alone as you feel.

As people, safety is an important part of our lives. Fear stifles creativity and productivity, and often brings with it difficulty in functioning in everyday life. It's okay to be afraid of exposure, but you shouldn't over-think it. The advice given across these pages will seek to deliver the best possible advice to reduce the chances of exposure, and in-turn reduce your fear of exposure by better equipping you to handle it should it ever happen to you.

A lot of things will be covered here. Your safety is invaluable, as is your mental health and your well-being. If your attraction to children is discovered, it is likely that all of these things will become compromised too. This is why adequate care needs to be put into protecting this secret.

As you might expect, we have a comfortable contact form so you can ask us questions (if you have any). We'll do our best to answer, and your question (and just your question) may be added to the list of questions and answers we've prepared. Do not use the contact form for personalised advice; we refuse to offer that service.

Hopefully, these pages will help you.