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The content of this site is tailored exclusively to persons interested in complying with the law, not for those interested in breaking it. If you suspect that you will find information here to help conceal illegal activity, you are sorely mistaken and should probably leave.

This website serves one purpose: To give you advice on how not to expose yourself as a boylover. In other words, to help you not become subject to a system that says we are guilty until proven innocent. We deserve to get the support we need with peace of mind. We deserve to associate with one another without fear.

The Internet has become a beacon of necessity since its inception, and today it remains as pivotal as ever. Many use it in their daily life, and we're some of those people. Like every other rejected minority, we need to support ourselves by supporting others like us so we can function in "civilised" society. The Internet is our escape from a society that doesn't want us, and a way to express ourselves without the weight of their judgement on our shoulders.

On this site, you will find advice designed to help you keep your attraction to children hidden. It is advice only. It is not absolute. Nothing here offers a fool-proof solution that will work in all situations. Your own actions can still expose you, even if you are follow our advice. You have to do some of your own critical analysis and make situational decisions.

This project is a continuous work-in-progress! You should check back regularly to make sure you're not missing anything. If you have any feedback you'd like to give us, or think anything needs to be changed, post your comments on one of the various childlover community resources. Criticise anything that you don't like, even the theme. All feedback is useful feedback. The feedback will find its way to us on its own.

Please read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy, as use of the site beyond this page indicates agreement to these documents (including use of the contact form). If you do not agree with the statements within those documents, do not continue using this website.