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The purpose of this site can appear confusing at first, as it addresses a number of things that may seem unrelated at times. This page will try to address some of that confusion in the form of a Q&A. It will also serve as a home to some questions submitted by site visitors. If you have any questions that haven't been answered, please contact us with your question and we may answer it here or in a response to you (if you provide contact information).

A boylover is a person with an emotional, and often physical, attraction to boys. Not all boylovers are paedophiles, as some boylovers are asexual while others have sexual attraction to pubescent and adolescent boys or for legal-age adults of either or both sexes. Some people attracted to children may prefer identify as a Minor-Attracted Person (MAP), Minor-Attracted Adult (MAA), or as any of nepiophile, paedophile, hebephile, or ephebophile (or any combination of those four), or as none of them. Read more here.

Not at all! Girllovers and childlovers are more than welcome to use the site and information found within. Just remember that the majority of the site's content assumes you're a boylover and will use terms based on this assumption. The actual advice given doesn't discriminate between BL, CL, or GL, as all advice applies the same to any of the three.

Everyone has their own levels of comfort when it comes to their privacy and personal safety. The advice given here intends to creating the highest level of these elements, not the most comfortable. You are not obligated to follow all pieces of advice given. It is up to you to decide what you are comfortable with and what pieces of advice you want to follow.

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No, we cannot. We are not equipped nor trained to offer personalised or on-demand advice, and providing such advice could open a host of legal issues that we are unable to deal with.

No. While we acknowledge that we are using the same domain, we have no affiliation with the former boylove board or those who operated and used it. The only interaction users can have with this site is viewing content and sending messages to us via the contact form.

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